Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. gab117
    Il y a mois

    Zion is swole

  2. Earllon Granada
    Earllon Granada
    Il y a mois

    2:04 that sequence. 😧

  3. Borninvincibl3 FPV
    Borninvincibl3 FPV
    Il y a mois

    Is it just me or does wiggins look better and better the more he plays with Steph?

  4. Peter Falzon
    Peter Falzon
    Il y a mois

    Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans

  5. Monalisa Sahoo
    Monalisa Sahoo
    Il y a mois

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  6. Bricknell **
    Bricknell **
    Il y a mois

    Good game Warriors, shout to Green for his triple double, n Curry for his 40 pts game bullying Zion all through the game, the push back 3 on Zion I had to watch it eyes closed

  7. jj zz
    jj zz
    Il y a mois

    His delts ped steroid

  8. Junlen ninja
    Junlen ninja
    Il y a mois

    Looks like the commentors are team pels hehe,,

  9. Danko Popović
    Danko Popović
    Il y a mois

    Floping Draymond and Softy Steph are ruining the game.

  10. rocco cicoria
    rocco cicoria
    Il y a mois

    If the warriors buy Zion they become a title team.

  11. AreLL
    Il y a mois

    Zion is a walking bucket

  12. Lee Kautz
    Lee Kautz
    Il y a mois

    Ok ..nicknames getting old and stupid really. Does Everyone need one? Especially when it's brainless like "BI" for Brandon ingram? Give it a rest.

  13. Timothy Reid
    Timothy Reid
    Il y a mois

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      Ben Roland
      Il y a mois

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  14. Mengo
    Il y a mois

    Steph drops 41 and drag moms with the triple double 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Christian Octriawan
    Christian Octriawan
    Il y a mois

    Dont make it fast pls

  16. AlexEMusic
    Il y a mois

    Is it just me ok Kevin Looney drink that 2K Gatorade lol. Some next speed boost

  17. don kingoftheworld
    don kingoftheworld
    Il y a mois

    Brandon Ingram defended like he was in quicksand

  18. AndreaBaixinho
    Il y a mois

    2:03 - 2:09 great basketball

  19. A D
    A D
    Il y a mois

    Lonzo and Ingram are terrible

  20. Ithaka Akhiti
    Ithaka Akhiti
    Il y a mois

    It's like Curry is the only Super Saiyajin in the tournament.

  21. Emir Hub 2
    Emir Hub 2
    Il y a mois


  22. Edwin Roman
    Edwin Roman
    Il y a mois

    Lonzo was really lost looking for Stephen 😅, He did a great defense but 🤷🏻‍♂️, is Stephen .

  23. kwalex
    Il y a mois

    Zion really built like Thanos in the thumbnail😂😂😂

  24. Putra Fajar
    Putra Fajar
    Il y a mois

    Ayo bisa lah masuk playoff.

  25. Miah Freeman
    Miah Freeman
    Il y a mois

    Am i the only having an issue with this thumbnail. 😕 i don't know why yet. I just do🙁

  26. karikari's world
    karikari's world
    Il y a mois

    So much space so open and these are supposed to be bigger stronger faster bballers

  27. OG PLUG
    Il y a mois

    Ik I'm not the only who thinks the warriors play better without Kelly oubre

    Il y a mois

    Next year, when MARVEL NIGHT is on the buzz, I would like to see these games, THE MARVEL way. As long it's ACCESSIBLE in NBA LEAGUE PASS. Thanks & God Bless ! 😁😁😎💪💪

  29. Enzo Gialdi
    Enzo Gialdi
    Il y a mois

    this kid curry is really going to be something special...

  30. eran mizrahi
    eran mizrahi
    Il y a mois

    its about time Dremond will get what he does to others

  31. Erick Saguid
    Erick Saguid
    Il y a mois

    Thr announcer is so unfair, that what he called miracoulous winning

  32. king kulit
    king kulit
    Il y a mois

    We will win the last few games guys.. we will win!!

  33. Dumè Lopez
    Dumè Lopez
    Il y a mois

    It' s me or Zion seems to be fat???

  34. Robin Hamel
    Robin Hamel
    Il y a mois

    Lanzo ball is the best

  35. zahid dural
    zahid dural
    Il y a mois

    02:04 triple but still 41... respect.

  36. chen condor
    chen condor
    Il y a mois

    Quite well done, smart, active, and unselfish....... give you a thumb....!!

  37. R Music
    R Music
    Il y a mois

    Green showed up

  38. kokonayi dandan
    kokonayi dandan
    Il y a mois

    Wtf with 5:41.... really?

  39. Baraka Mandi
    Baraka Mandi
    Il y a mois

    Look at curry man

  40. Rod Martinez
    Rod Martinez
    Il y a mois

    Dynasty 2.0 🔥

  41. Chan -ID
    Chan -ID
    Il y a mois


  42. Theodore _
    Theodore _
    Il y a mois

    Wait hold up did they really get steph's no. wrong 0:00

  43. Saint Wretched
    Saint Wretched
    Il y a mois

    And some say Zion cannot be stopped? First, the Nuggets with their slo-mo center had him for breakfast, then the Warriors with no Centers had him for lunch. Who's having him for supper?

  44. Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac
    Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac
    Il y a mois

    Keep it up God bless my GSW.

  45. Yasin Yahya Atasoy
    Yasin Yahya Atasoy
    Il y a mois

    2:03 who else defending like that!!

  46. Jaysong lyrics & chords
    Jaysong lyrics & chords
    Il y a mois

    The Warriors And The Avengers🙂💪

  47. Usman Jamil
    Usman Jamil
    Il y a mois

    Pelicans team defense is horrible! Young gunz are too cool to talk on D ... hedge... switch..etc...

    Il y a mois

    "He better than steph curry to me"

  49. Gabriel Munos
    Gabriel Munos
    Il y a mois

    Vince carter really is not good at this.

  50. Brenda Suryani
    Brenda Suryani
    Il y a mois

    No more debate between MJ vs LBJ when you see Steph Curry!!

  51. 翔
    Il y a mois

    0:04 number 31?

  52. Yugo
    Il y a mois

    Im a DUB fan but pelicans got next game

    1. Yugo
      Il y a mois

      Steph gone have a bad game :(

  53. wluke86
    Il y a mois

    Hey where’s the arena of heroes thing with all the graphics ?????

      Il y a mois

      It's ANOTHER FEED ! TOO BAD @MLGHighligths nxt time at least ! 😁😁😁

  54. TVB 847
    TVB 847
    Il y a mois

    Without Adams on the floor it's just a freeway to the basket for the warriors.

  55. Батзаяа Рэгзэнханд
    Батзаяа Рэгзэнханд
    Il y a mois

    41 🔥

  56. Arsya
    Il y a mois

    they really def curry from logo lol

  57. Rest Function
    Rest Function
    Il y a mois

    damn pelicans defense is trash

  58. Dhanne Jhaye Laboreda
    Dhanne Jhaye Laboreda
    Il y a mois

    Stephen Curry MVP

  59. 詹騎豬
    Il y a mois

    Curry No 31 !?!?

  60. André Couto
    André Couto
    Il y a mois

    I just wonder if Klay were healthy. Man... Green lookin' pretty good

  61. The Latonero Fam
    The Latonero Fam
    Il y a mois

    New friend here..

  62. marlon Payne
    marlon Payne
    Il y a mois

    i thought Brandon Ingram suppose to be the man

  63. Hongbo Bnm
    Hongbo Bnm
    Il y a mois

    Warriors 8th 1000% playoff contenders👍

  64. Eli R.
    Eli R.
    Il y a mois

    Bro just watch how draymond and curry play with each other. Their iq is crazy.

  65. Matheus Victor
    Matheus Victor
    Il y a mois

    Curry MVP

  66. az
    Il y a mois

    Стефф показал невероятную игру.

  67. Crismar Duran
    Crismar Duran
    Il y a mois

    What happen to jsmes ingram, he could not mke on threes, they are lost during first quarter already, dont under estimste the gsw, you should match there excellent rotation, especially on threes coz it could help on winning your team

  68. rony Bondet
    rony Bondet
    Il y a mois

    Tinuk 200 ewu

  69. rony Bondet
    rony Bondet
    Il y a mois

    Tinuk 200 ewu

  70. Tre Jaay
    Tre Jaay
    Il y a mois

    And why is Zion flexing like they won or something 😂

    1. Elo Elo
      Elo Elo
      Il y a mois

      Just when I was reading ur comment, he did the flexing😂😂😂

  71. Caparas eugenio r
    Caparas eugenio r
    Il y a mois

    Stengthen your defense New Orleans

  72. NuSheeky
    Il y a mois

    Imagine they make it finals. I would turn gay.

  73. Robert G
    Robert G
    Il y a mois

    Zion is the only one who shows up every night for the Pels. The other guys are just to inconsistent, and for the love of God please stop jacking outside shots if you're struggling.

  74. Clem C Hammer
    Clem C Hammer
    Il y a mois

    is there any chance that klay is healthy in the postseason?

    1. Kevin Tan
      Kevin Tan
      Il y a mois

      None. Sadly.

  75. Itsjayn 45
    Itsjayn 45
    Il y a mois

    damn i would almost considere myself a curry hater but i just watched the first few minutes of the video and i cant imagine any player who looked better on the court (besides athleticism)

  76. Blaiyan
    Il y a mois

    #188 ? to go

  77. Henry Agustin
    Henry Agustin
    Il y a mois

    4:15 “curry triple team...., it doesn’t matter”

  78. ming
    Il y a mois


  79. Duane Torres
    Duane Torres
    Il y a mois

    idk but i think curry should be mvp this year

  80. Clerio Efisson Malo
    Clerio Efisson Malo
    Il y a mois

    Steph = MVP

  81. Maciej Masztalerz
    Maciej Masztalerz
    Il y a mois

    Curry is dubled on every game and still got numbers

  82. CHEESE
    Il y a mois

    What is this why is curry 31 in the intro

  83. Adeyinka Makinwa
    Adeyinka Makinwa
    Il y a mois

    they got curry’s number wrong smh

  84. Natasha Bolton
    Natasha Bolton
    Il y a mois

    Good win GSW :) 🙃

  85. Adam Rigali
    Adam Rigali
    Il y a mois

    New Orleans are an embarrassment to the NBA, can't defend to save their life, should be one of the top teams but will miss out on another play off. Curry MVP for sure

  86. xristoss soul
    xristoss soul
    Il y a mois

    Curry+Green vs Pelicans+Refs+Bazemore!!!!!!

  87. Lucn June
    Lucn June
    Il y a mois

    So Wiggins goes for 26 but have litteraly nothing than 3/4 highlights ? Damn

  88. toobasaurus23
    Il y a mois

    Great win. Dubs passing and shooting well.

  89. ShaDoow Fr
    ShaDoow Fr
    Il y a mois

    Look Steph 7:55

  90. Dr Yakubu Abubakar
    Dr Yakubu Abubakar
    Il y a mois

    Steph playing like the 2015 championship stlye

  91. GrandMaster of The 36th Chamber
    GrandMaster of The 36th Chamber
    Il y a mois

    Where the F'CK is that Zion three point shot?

  92. Nikonfreek 58
    Nikonfreek 58
    Il y a mois

    We have problem in the paint on the defense

  93. Roman ese
    Roman ese
    Il y a mois

    Pelicans rely too much on zion, B.I is a better all round shooter and needs the ball alot more so he can heat up, then zion can play off him. Ball also need to drive and kick or drive inside. His 3pt shots are inconsistent and It costs them games.

  94. Nate Cole
    Nate Cole
    Il y a mois

    curry beating 3 to 4 guys,i wish hood basketball was this easy

  95. Justus Joosti
    Justus Joosti
    Il y a mois

    Steph at 7:55 😂😂

  96. klay thombstone
    klay thombstone
    Il y a mois

    solid fan of GSW since 2015

  97. alexander williams
    alexander williams
    Il y a mois

    Are you serious?! 0:00 How do you get Curry's number wrong? Smh

  98. R 66
    R 66
    Il y a mois

    hernan Gomez lowkey pretty useless bro dont know what hes doing

  99. s w
    s w
    Il y a mois

    so cute that the woke NBA is still doing the covid flu stuff. No matter how low the rating go, just keep being politically correct and help to destroy the lives of your fanbase. Amazing

  100. Haben Gurung
    Haben Gurung
    Il y a mois

    Good basketball from gsw, gotta dive kerr some of the credit