Stephen Curry Drops 41 Points in Warriors' Comeback Win Over Bucks | April 6, 2021

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41 Points.
14-21 FG
5-10 3FG
Stephen Curry balled out in the Golden State Warriors comeback win over the Milwaukee Bucks.


  1. tellthetruthg
    Il y a 27 jours

    65 yrs old , oaktown W’s fan , I’ve seen so many players Great players I wanted to fail vs W’s. Still the greats gave me show . They were just playing hard basketball and I got to watch .

  2. Jelay Daniel
    Jelay Daniel
    Il y a 27 jours

    Fnf keith were are u?

  3. Sol Sh
    Sol Sh
    Il y a 27 jours

    Curry has proved time and again that he is second to none.

  4. Michael Domingo
    Michael Domingo
    Il y a 27 jours

    Always got 2 to 3 defenders and still got 41 pts.

  5. 다알어
    Il y a 27 jours

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  6. Canwea Green
    Canwea Green
    Il y a 28 jours

    Curry doesn't need to prove any points ..we already what he does . 💜

  7. Swiss1
    Il y a 28 jours


  8. 3smil3.the.youtuber
    Il y a 28 jours


  9. Rarest Form
    Rarest Form
    Il y a 28 jours

    Even with the nagging injury, he Currys the team.

  10. Kenneth Garate
    Kenneth Garate
    Il y a 28 jours

  11. Don Kim
    Don Kim
    Il y a 28 jours

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  12. Unofficial:Lisa BlackPink
    Unofficial:Lisa BlackPink
    Il y a 28 jours

    My idol is a beast.

  13. Humberto Josué Pérez Martínez
    Humberto Josué Pérez Martínez
    Il y a 28 jours

    Love this guy, he is the reason why i watch their games, at some point he's gonna get tired of his partners, greettings from Costa Rica!!

  14. dajamm yabbay
    dajamm yabbay
    Il y a 28 jours

    wow, that must be cheat code on!

  15. Max A
    Max A
    Il y a 29 jours

    Aside from Jordan no one has been this entertaining and fun to watch ....

  16. Willy Miranda
    Willy Miranda
    Il y a 29 jours

    If we get into the playoffs maybe STEPH has a chance at MVP / the #’s are MVP WORTHY⁉️⁉️⁉️👊😎🦅🏍⚒☠️⚡️🙏👊🙏🏀💫🏀

  17. DS
    Il y a 29 jours

    Super Stephen Curry! 😀😃😄🥳

  18. Kurt A. Havercome
    Kurt A. Havercome
    Il y a 29 jours

    Steph please stay with the warriors get way better players for your dynasty to come back your one of the best nba players out there I love watching you

  19. Xiyor Deciple
    Xiyor Deciple
    Il y a 29 jours

    The extra 2 mins In fourth qourter for steph is a big factor if steve fucking kerr let curry play in fourth for atleast 8 mins they have 10 more wins now.. im mad at kerr never made an adjustment in his most beloved fcking rotation when the roster ain't the same hes wasting stephs prime sh...

  20. Vir john Madayag
    Vir john Madayag
    Il y a 29 jours

    the pick en roll master

  21. Virran Chopra
    Virran Chopra
    Il y a 29 jours

    bucks suck without Giannis blowing a lead in the 4th

  22. cass caseee
    cass caseee
    Il y a 29 jours

    If we lose next game, they should eject all the warrior players except steph plus kerr and his assistants. You wouldn't see the difference.

  23. Facundo Russo
    Facundo Russo
    Il y a 29 jours


  24. Janice Bancod
    Janice Bancod
    Il y a 29 jours

    Incredible curry..

  25. Jabari Frye
    Jabari Frye
    Il y a 29 jours

    he's my favorite player of all time

  26. john harris
    john harris
    Il y a 29 jours

    Steph is simply AMAZING!

    Il y a 29 jours

    Soooo ....why does it look like Steph is getting better ?

    1. Tony Sanchez
      Tony Sanchez
      Il y a 28 jours

      Because he is the only superstar in his team so he must do everything, thats why his stats are better than when KD was there.

    2. berat kivanc
      berat kivanc
      Il y a 28 jours

      he’s always getting double teamed so he evolved into an even better player

    3. Ahmad
      Il y a 29 jours

      @Amira Thorpe the Question is Are you?

    4. Amira Thorpe
      Amira Thorpe
      Il y a 29 jours

      @Ahmad I hope you ur all ok lol

    5. Ahmad
      Il y a 29 jours

      Its scary. Now he looked like someone entering his peak. Matured asf.

  28. duot mayen
    duot mayen
    Il y a 29 jours

    the best shooter in the NBA, I said this because I found out that a person liked my comment

  29. YGG stage creator
    YGG stage creator
    Il y a mois

    Currys my favorite

  30. Raven Crump
    Raven Crump
    Il y a mois

    Steph didn’t get any calls like what🥴😕 stop disrespecting this man!

  31. TheGame Changer
    TheGame Changer
    Il y a mois

    See the goldens states warriors can do it they just need to play hard💪💪💪💪

  32. William O'Shea
    William O'Shea
    Il y a mois

    I've commented this before, but seeing him play like this could mean some real damage in the playoffs. And next year if we can keep Wiggins and Oubre with Klay I have no doubt that we won't make it to the finals.

  33. John Black
    John Black
    Il y a mois

    In the last 8 minutes when I saw these ridiculous fouls being called on the dubs, I was just thinking Klay please come back. Because I legit thought they were gonna cheat them out of a win.

  34. johnny utah
    johnny utah
    Il y a mois

    No Giannis and only win by 1?

  35. Eye on the Ball
    Eye on the Ball
    Il y a mois


  36. ninfo maniac
    ninfo maniac
    Il y a mois

    He's a beautiful monster. A one-man army

  37. Guan plagamez
    Guan plagamez
    Il y a mois

    Props to steph for staying on the same thing being a warrior for so god damn long and carrying the team hard

  38. nonov yobiznez
    nonov yobiznez
    Il y a mois

    So basically steph has to score 40 every night for them to have a chance on winning the game. Got it

  39. harmelle de mesa
    harmelle de mesa
    Il y a mois

    This is the GOAT ... Do not have to collect Stars beside him but makes one playing with him.

  40. Pranit Beley
    Pranit Beley
    Il y a mois

    Scoring such insane numbers after being double team most of the time and with the injury is insane. There goes that man!

  41. aweSAMmee
    Il y a mois

    that tailbone is really bothering him! man! the team should contribute more defensively!

  42. Kęstutis K
    Kęstutis K
    Il y a mois

    Congrast the Curry 👌🥳

  43. Alb Bauti
    Alb Bauti
    Il y a mois

    poor curry, you need to exert that effort every game to win. carry that load all the time or you loss

  44. duot mayen
    duot mayen
    Il y a mois

    i love you curry

  45. Chatcano Canonigo
    Chatcano Canonigo
    Il y a mois

    always having fun on Stephen Curry games😊it makes my day !

  46. Rainskie Aguilar
    Rainskie Aguilar
    Il y a mois

    Finishing inside is the Chef's underrated part of his game

  47. Yahchai Gad
    Yahchai Gad
    Il y a mois

    Steph doing this not even at 100%

  48. Jacob Espino
    Jacob Espino
    Il y a mois

    Curry for MVP

  49. Cobra Ranger
    Cobra Ranger
    Il y a mois

    So inspirational...

  50. Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith
    Il y a mois

    Steph Curry was cooking against the Bucks. He’s the best guard at finishing around the basket. No one can guard him. He will shoot a three or beat you off the dribble and take it to the basket.

  51. Margarita Rojas
    Margarita Rojas
    Il y a mois

    Ése es el mejor

  52. Marcel Pacut
    Marcel Pacut
    Il y a mois

    He is not a human beeing

  53. visulator
    Il y a mois

    Curry is so god damn inspirational

  54. Uncle Rice
    Uncle Rice
    Il y a mois

    MVP candidate

  55. Oliver Wulff
    Oliver Wulff
    Il y a mois

    That was such a close game! The last few minutes had my breathless #warriorsforever

  56. Don
    Il y a mois

    Look at Curry man 0:57, nearly broke his tailbone again.

  57. Nathaniel Antonio
    Nathaniel Antonio
    Il y a mois

    Curry dont leave warriors plssss

  58. KenDeezy TV
    KenDeezy TV
    Il y a mois

    Much Needed W !

  59. Dongcardo dongskie
    Dongcardo dongskie
    Il y a mois

    they are team now, just continue communicating with each other trust and confidence, thank you warriors nicely done.

  60. Cash Hammill
    Cash Hammill
    Il y a mois

    He working hard

  61. Leo Rosales
    Leo Rosales
    Il y a mois

    my idol is a freak of nature. he makes playing basketball look so easy. wow. just wow!

  62. Odney Fernandez
    Odney Fernandez
    Il y a mois

    Gameslider mode.

  63. John Carlo Ordoña
    John Carlo Ordoña
    Il y a mois

    Not necessarily a Warriors fan but I love Curry as an offensive player. Question: who do you think can score at almost any place on the court, no matter how small the space? Harden? Durant? James? Curry? Irving? I won't include Giannis cuz he can't shoot a three to save his life, no offense. Let me know what you guys think!

    1. Remember TV1
      Remember TV1
      Il y a mois

      Steph IDOL

  64. maybach music group
    maybach music group
    Il y a mois


  65. Nih Mongwa
    Nih Mongwa
    Il y a mois

    Curry MVP

  66. Dozzie D
    Dozzie D
    Il y a mois

    Can't the warriors find anything to put over step's tailbone area, please we can't lose him right now, i beg of you.

  67. Dimas Anugrahillah
    Dimas Anugrahillah
    Il y a mois

    goo warriors!! u can do it

  68. Alex Ilyin
    Alex Ilyin
    Il y a mois


  69. SirBrokenChicken
    Il y a mois

    Epic game for Steph but at the same time, I don't wanna risk his tailbone getting worse. I'm ok with not making the playoffs this year, I care about Steph's health

  70. Micah Kiyimba
    Micah Kiyimba
    Il y a mois

    Warriors are overworking CURRY put some good shooters around him pls..don't want to see another Kobe situation

  71. Marvin Pajartin
    Marvin Pajartin
    Il y a mois

    MVP Curry....

  72. Alfredo B
    Alfredo B
    Il y a mois

    That’s getting the job done. Thanks Steph. Good game but wished you folks didn’t have to come from behind. I know you folks have come from behind before, but staying always ahead of the opponents would be less stressful for us:).

  73. Ivan Cho
    Ivan Cho
    Il y a mois


  74. stephcurrygod30
    Il y a mois

    It's the yellow uniforms bro good. Vibes

  75. Fatima Daniels
    Fatima Daniels
    Il y a mois

    Steph is the driving force for this team. He is the reason I watch the Warriors

    1. SirBrokenChicken
      Il y a mois

      Without Steph, I just can't watch the warriors. Especially after that raptors game

  76. Shobhit Kanchan
    Shobhit Kanchan
    Il y a mois

    Those 2 extra mins in 4th is reason why we won Gsw fan from India🇮🇳💛

    1. DS
      Il y a 29 jours

      Kerr 👍

  77. Stephanie Rkdjfbdn
    Stephanie Rkdjfbdn
    Il y a mois


  78. Cedric Anzano
    Cedric Anzano
    Il y a mois

    👇Curry Fan Forever

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    Il y a mois

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  80. Tebogo Rapoone
    Tebogo Rapoone
    Il y a mois

    Steph please leave this dumb team, head to the Lakers please.

  81. Marci
    Il y a mois


  82. nice 1
    nice 1
    Il y a mois


  83. vijay singh
    vijay singh
    Il y a mois

    Steph for MVP!!!

  84. Sheila Sharks
    Sheila Sharks
    Il y a mois


  85. MFOUR
    Il y a mois

    This guy man 😂😂

    Il y a mois

    i saw curry i clicked on this vid faster than flight sayin "look at curry man so inspirational"

  87. chi cho
    chi cho
    Il y a mois


  88. Saadah Polangi
    Saadah Polangi
    Il y a mois

    May Stephen Curry

  89. sarı kola
    sarı kola
    Il y a mois

    He is the best shooter

  90. Lord 2wice
    Lord 2wice
    Il y a mois

    Stephen Curry showing the heart & soul of a true Warrior will forever be one of my favorite players 💯

    1. Amira Thorpe
      Amira Thorpe
      Il y a 29 jours

      @Roxanne Morrisette hello lol

    2. Roxanne Morrisette
      Roxanne Morrisette
      Il y a 29 jours

      Currrrrryyyy is Cooking!!!!🏀🏀🏀

    3. Veronica Beas
      Veronica Beas
      Il y a 29 jours

      One of your favorite or your favorite

    4. Y Chen
      Y Chen
      Il y a mois

      Curry is my favarite.

    5. Cash Hammill
      Cash Hammill
      Il y a mois

      Ayyyy same bro

  91. Butch Billy Andrade
    Butch Billy Andrade
    Il y a mois

    So i think it's only 3 games to go to pass Wilt.

  92. Rafael Campos
    Rafael Campos
    Il y a mois

    Brutal warriors amaizing game 🏀 one again Curry on fire 💥💥💥💥🇵🇦🇵🇦

  93. Ivan Lawrence Bautista
    Ivan Lawrence Bautista
    Il y a mois


  94. AquaHoops
    Il y a mois

    Put up 41 while being double and triple for the game!

  95. Matthew Dukes
    Matthew Dukes
    Il y a mois

    Steph Curry is a goat bro much love steph we won🏅🏆❤️🤍😁

    Il y a mois


  97. Capo Giovanna
    Capo Giovanna
    Il y a mois

    I love how desperate people are to hate on this guy, just highlights his success 🐐🔥🔥

  98. Yoshi
    Il y a mois

    Steph Curry is my favourite football player in the UFC

  99. Lolicon
    Il y a mois

    No one else on the starting 5 scored atleast 20🤦‍♂️ and giannis didnt play

    1. Jiether Secret
      Jiether Secret
      Il y a mois

      @Roland Hunter yep, that was very clutch especially curry cannot find the angle because of double teams

    2. Roland Hunter
      Roland Hunter
      Il y a mois

      Oubre had a nice game. He hit two big threes and two big free throws.

  100. Skrirrex
    Il y a mois

    The Legend of the 3 Point God Continues...